BOTHNIA ex JACK composite steam barge (C 100661). 1903-1910. Original: 884.55 tons gross, 514.98 net. Capacity 900,000 board feet. As rebuilt: 833.36 tons gross, 478.35 tons net, 178.1’ (Greenwood said 190’). Built by O’Brien at Garden Island near Kingston Ontario for the Calvin Co. in 1895. Iron frame. Bow iron- sheathed. Round stern. 1889 Compound steeple engine = 460 indicated horsepower, 200 rated horsepower (taken from SCOTIA 458 tons). 1897 rated A11⁄2 and valued at $34,000. 1903 value $20,000. 1906 value $13,000. 1908 value $10,000. 1909 value $8,000.

In 1897, she was owned by the Pennsylvania Coal Co. Montreal Transportation Co. bought her from them in 1903 for $25,000. She was a collier during 1904. On 18 July 1910, she ran aground at Lily Bay near Brockville Ontario but after being lightered [see definitions] was pulled off without significant damage. In August 1910 she was sold for $10,000 to Captain Loonan of Collingwood Ontario to engage in the Georgian Bay to Tonawanda lumber traffic. Loonan, in turn, sold her to Meaford Transportation in 1911 for $11,000. She foundered after a collision with the steamer S.S. CURRY (U 116558, 3,931 tons gross) just above Star Island in the St. Clair River flats on 26 June 1912 while on passage Meaford (also reported as Killarney) Ontario – Welland Ontario with a cargo of quartzite. BOTHNIA was almost cut in half. One man was killed. An American court found the American vessel at fault and Meaford Transportation was awarded $28,000 in compensation.

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