I had travelled to Watertown in 2002 and met with Skip Couch, and he told me about seeing a wreck in 150ft of water and saw a Canon on it. Given the size of a gun boat that was rowed and in 150ft of water its extremely likely that what Skip saw was a gun boat and most likely the reason its still alluding them still. Zebras will most like cover what really remaining so the cannon would be the only thing out of the ordinary.

Lieut. Gregory left here (Sackett’s harbor) with his party on the evening of the 16th, inst, and proceeded to the “Thousand Islands,” where he hauled his boats onshore and concealed them; saw two brigades of boats pass up the river with troops, of course too strong for our little party–the other down the river, empty, and not worth taking. 
Lieut Gregory found the enemy had gunboats stationed between Kingston and Prescott within about 6 miles of each other, and that they had a telegraph lookout in almost every high Island so that they convey intelligence with great expedition. 
      Yesterday morning, between 9 and 10 o’clock, Lieut. Gregory, finding himself discovered and a gun-boat close to him, he instantly formed the bold design to board her, which he did and carried her without losing a man, one of the enemy was badly wounded—She proved to be the fine gun-boat BLACK SNAKE, or No. 9, and mounted one 18 pound and manned with 18 men, chiefly Royal Marines. Lieut Gregory manned his prize and proceeded up the St. Lawrence, but was soon discovered and pursued by a very large gun-boat mounting two heavy guns and rowed with upwards of 40 oars which overhauled him fast—he kept possession of his prize until the enemy threw their shot over him, he then very reluctantly took all his prisoners out and scuttled the gun-boat, which sunk instantly, and escaped the enemy, although so heavily loaded. Lieut. Gregory arrived safe this morning with all his prisoners. (part of article
      the Buffalo Gazette 
      Tuesday, July 12, 1814 

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