Black Donald Graphite Mine, The

Black Donald Graphite Mine, The #

  • Mine Shaft
  • Long boring dive in black water to see the grate.

The most important producer of graphite in Canada during the first half of the twentieth century, the Black Donald Graphite Mine was located near here. The extensive deposit of high-quality ore it exploited was discovered in 1889, but mining was not begun by the Ontario Graphite Company until 1895. Operated by the Black Donald Graphite Company by 1908, the mine increased output during World War I and in 1927 was producing approximately 90% of Canada’s graphite. Although underground workings were suspended in 1939 when the ore body was thought to be exhausted, mining was resumed within four years to meet wartime needs. All production ceased in 1954 and in 1967, the site was flooded by the headpond of the Mountain Chute dame.

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