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Original Vessel Data
Name: [ Alciope ] Mills Number: [ 001490 ] Propulsion: [ Paddle Wheels ] Official Number: [N ] xxx tons ] Built-in: [ Niagara, Ontario, Canada, 1828 ] 
Other Vessel Names
[United Kingdom, 1832 ] 
First Rebuild Information
Official Number: [ N ] Propulsion: [ p ] Dimensions: [ [140]x [48] – xxx tons ] Rebuilt in: [ Queenston, Ontario, Canada ] Rebuilt: [ 1832 ] 
Closing Information
Date Closed: [1835/11 ] Reason Closed: [ Wrecked ] Where Closed: [ Oswego, New York, U.S.A. ] Remarks: [ Rebuilt Schooner ‘Birmingham’ 1835 ] 
.Alciope; c140x48 Owned by R. Hamilton & A. Heron, sold to H. Smith 1835. Built Niagara, Ont. and launched 22/4/28. Stuck on the ways, taking 10 days to launch. First engine (from “Frontenac”) by Boulton & Watt, London, England, rebuilt by J. D. Ward, Montreal. Vessel rebuilt Queenston Ont. and relaunched 20/06/32. “Entire modification in appearance”. (Gents cabin became a ladies’ cabin, new gents’ cabin on deck with 16 staterooms. The dining room now 50′ long. The vessel has 2 baths!) New engines (2) 24×72 by Drennan & Graham, Cincinnati Ohio. Now 2 boiler rooms and 2 stacks in-line (i. e. not abreast as than usual.) Hull rebuilt to schooner “Birmingham” winter 1834-5, wrecked 11/11/35 Oswego, New York.

A new Boat is also to be placed on Lake Erie by a British company; she will be the first boat owned in Canada on the Lake, those at present navigating it belonging exclusively to the American side. The engine of the ALCIOPE, plying on Lake Ontario, and belonging to Robert Hamilton, Esq., of Queenston, will be taken out this fall and placed, we understand, in the Lake Erie Boat. A new high pressure engine of 160 horse power is now preparing in the States for the ALCIOPE, which will very considerably augment the speed of this fine vessel, during the next season of navigation. – Montreal Gazette. 
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette 
      August 20, 1831, Page 2 

On Saturday last [June 9] a new Steam-boat called the ADELAIDE was launched at Chippawa. This Boat was projected by Robert Hamilton, Esq., a gentleman deserving every patronage for his enterprising spirit; she is stated to be a beautiful craft, and is intended to run between Chippawa and Amherstburg on the British side of Lake Erie. 
The UNITED KINGDOM, now on the stocks on the Beach in this Town (formerly the ALCIOPE) will, we understand, be launched some day next week, the property of the above named Gentleman. 
A vessel, been repairing on this Beach this spring, is stated to as will be launched to-day. 
      Niagara Gleaner 
      June 16, 1832, Page 2 


      The BIRMINGHAM, late the UNITED KINGDOM steam boat, was driven from her moorings at Oswego, and struck the shoals. She was only partly laden at the time, having on board 100 barrels of salt and about 15 tons of merchandise. 
      Cobourg Star 
      Wednesday, November 25, 1835 

      Schooner BIRMINGHAN repaired by Niagara harbour & Dock Company during 1835 
      Kingston Chronicle & gazette 
      May 21, 1836  

Sale of the UNITED KINGDOM – By Robert hamilton, 380 tons burthen, will carry 1200 barrels of Flour, not attacted by the fever called “shaft breaking,” if not sold by Feb. 21, it will be auctioned at Niagara that day. 
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette 
      December 27, 1834

Sale of the steamboat UNITED KINGDOM by Robert Hamilton 
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette 
      January 1, 1835, p. 1. 

Mention of UNITED KINGDON steam boat being converted into a schooner. 
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette 
      October 3, 1835, p. 3 . 

The BIRMINGHAM, late the UNITED KINGDOM steam boat, was driven from moorings at Oswego, and struck on the shoals.  
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette. 
      November 18, 1835 p. 3 

FRONTENAC, bound from Kingston to Port Dalhousie, cleared at Port Dalhousie May 31, 1840. 
      Welland Canal Marine List 
      St. Catharines Journal 
      Thursday, June 4, 1840 

Wreck – We learn that during a squall on the afternoon of Thursday the 26th ult., Messrs. Ives’ large schooner FRONTENAC, (formerly the UNITED KINGDOM,) sprung a plank and was run ashore on Nicholson’s Island, where the crew effected a landing; she has since gone to pieces. Amount of loss £2,250, of which insurance covered about £1,500. – Kingston Herald. 
      St. Catharines Journal 
      September 9, 1841 

      On the evening of the 26th ult., the large schooner FRONTENAC, belonging to Messrs. Ives of this, sprung a leak while on the lake. The crew effected their escape in the long boat after running the vessel on shore at Nicholson’s Island, where she bacame a total wreck. The vessel was valued at £2,250, but we believe was insured. 
      Kingston Chronicle & Gazette 
      September 1, 1841 p. 3 

Steam paddle ALCIOPE, built at Niagara in 1828; renamed UNITED KINGDOM in 1832. Disposition. — Scrapped c1836. 
      Preliminary List of Canadian Merchant Vessels 
      Inland & Coastal 1809 to 1930 

NOTE (Patrick Labelle): — [a] Stmr. ALCIOPE, [b] Stmr. UNITED KINGDOM, [c] Schr. BIRMINGHAM. [D] Schr. FRONTENAC [ If the St. Catharines Journal is correct, then the BIRMINGHAM was renamed FRONTENAC. And it seems likely that she may have been rebuilt, after her accident at Nicholson’s Island, into the Steamer FRONTENAC, built at Kingston in 1841 and owned by Messrs. Ives of Kingston, however at this time this is mearly supposition.  

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