BELLA ex CAYUGA river barge (C 88569). 1872-1916. Original: 402 tons gross, 360.89 tons register, 135.3’. 20,000 bushel capacity. As rebuilt: 454.49 tons gross, 434.02 tons register, 166.0’. Built at Garden Island Ontario by Henry Roney in 1870. Never rigged with spars, but had two masts at least as rebuilt. Round stern. 1874 rated 1 out of a possible 3 and valued at $9,400. 1878 again rated 1 and valued at $7,500. 1884 rated B1. 1886 and 1890 rated A2 and valued at $8,000. 1892 rated A2 again but valued at $7,500. 1896 value $9,000 rated A2. 1897 rated B1 and valued at $6,000, required repairs. 1902-03 value $2,000. 1906 value $2,500. 1908 value $2,250. 1910 value $2,000. 1912 value $1,000. 1913 value $500. CAYUGA’s first owner was probably the Calvin Co. but she wintered in 1870-71 at the Montreal Transportation Co. wharf in Kingston. Montreal Transportation Co. owned her by 1872. She was repaired in 1881 and rebuilt, lengthened and given a steel keelson in 1884-85. She was renamed at that time. She was rebuilt again in 1903. In the 1916 Montreal Transportation Co. reports she was noted as being for sale, but she foundered off the north end of Canada Island (Galops Rapids in the St. Lawrence) on 29 June 1916. Her original name, like those of several of the other Calvin barges, was one of the tribes of the Iroquoian group. She was renamed after John Gaskin’s daughter Isabella who was born in 1872.

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