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BW FOLGER in Kingston
  • Schooner
  • 10 – 30ffw
  • 85ft Length
  • Kerr Point, Amherst Island, Lake Ontario
  • 44.1637302, -76.7021727

Chronological History #

1871 – Rebuilt as B.W. FOLGER on bottom of CAROLINE; 83 x 24 x 9; 152 gross/117 net tons by Wm. Powers at Kingston, ONT.
1871 – Sep 17 Aground Port Colborne, Lake Erie with coal; released.
1873 – Owned by S. Fraser.
1874 – Jul 3 Struck shoal & stranded near Belleville, Lake Ontario.
1876 – Owned S. Fraser, Montreal; 152 gross tons.
1878 – Owned Wm. Dandy, Kingston.
1880 – Oct 25 Aground Main Duck Island, Lake Ontario with coal; released.
1881 – Rebuilt.
1882 – Owned Swift & Dandy, Kingston.
1893 – Oct 14 Lost main gaff topsail & flying jib in Lake Ontario gale.
1894 – Jul Burned Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario.

Casualty List for 1874 Chicago Inter-Ocean, Dec. 25, 1874 #

Schooner B.W. FOLGER sprung a leak and sunk in Bay of Quinte, July 1874. Loss $900.

Mills List? #

B.W. FOLGER 1871
Wooden Schooner Port of Registry: Montreal, Quebec
Where Built: Kingston, Ontario
Gross Tonnage:116 Net Tonnage:116Remarks:

  • Burned on November 24, 1894
  • Registry closed June 5, 1895

National Board of Lake Underwriters  Lake Vessel Register, 1873.  #

Schooner B.W. FOLGER. [C]. Of 160 tons. Built at Kingston in 1871 by Wm. Power. Owned by S. Fraser. Home port, Kingston. Value, $7,000 Class, A 2. REMARKS. — bottom of CAROLINE.

Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters Lake Vessel Register, 1873.  #

Schooner B.W. FOLGER. [C] Of 152 tons. Built ap Prince Edward in 1854 by Minikin. Owned by Fraser. Home port, Montreal. Value $6,000. Class, A 2. REMARKS. – Rebuilt in 1871. 

Association of Canadian Lake Underwriters Lake Vessel Register, 1869.  #

Schooner CAROLINE. [C] Of 150 tons. Built ap Prince Edward in 1854 by Minikin. Owned by Rae. Home port, Cobourg. Value $1,500. Class, B 2.  

British Whig (Kingston, ON), Oct. 27, 1880 #

p.3 Missing Schr. Folger –
Up to 3 o’clock today no intelligence has been received regarding the missing schooner B.W. Folger. While some have hopes of her safety, others think she has been lost. The sch. Annandale left Oswego 15 minutes later than the Folger and reached Trenton yesterday morning. The Captain, who was in the city today, expressed surprise at the Folger’s non-appearance. The tug Active and 2 barges came over from Oswego the same night. Capt. Thomas Gaskin says it was very dark and a heavy sea running. If the tug and barges pulled through all right why not the Folger? She was in skilful hands. The owners feel anxious regarding her.

The cook on the vessel was Mrs. Twohy, a widow, who resides on Earl Street. She has 2 daughters in the city. The names of the remainder of the crew are unknown. The schooner had 200 tons of coal for Mr. Jas. Swift. The cargo is insured, but the vessel is not. She rated B-1. She was rebuilt in 1871 upon the bottom of the schooner Caroline. Last winter she was thoroughly repaired. She was valued at $3000. Messrs. Swift and Dandy are the owners.

A telegram from South Bay says “The sch. B.W. Folger is not here, nor has she been heard of.”

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