ARGOSY (1868, Barge) Built at: Buffalo, NY
Vessel Type: Barge Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks: 1
Builder Name: G.H. Notter Original Owner and Location: Hall & Gardner, Ogdensburg, NY
Number of Masts: 2 Length: 107′ Beam: 24′ Depth: 9′ Tonnage (gross): 168 Tonnage (net): 160
Final Location:
Near Ogdensburg, NY. St. Lawrence River
Date: 1912 Notes: Reported abandoned; last owned Geo. Hall Coal Co.
HISTORY1868 Enrolled Ogdensburg, NY.
1871 Owned Hall & Gardner, Ogdensburg, NY.
1875 Repaired.
1876 Owned Gardner & S., Ogdensburg, NY;
1879 Owned Seymour & Co., Ogdensburg, NY.
1879, Oct 13 Ashore Galloo shoal with tug GARDNER & barge KENT; little damage resulted.

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