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Shotline Diving Site Map of the ANNIE FALCONER
  • Schooner
  • 75ft
  • 108ft lengt
  • Timber Island, Lake Ontario, W76 48 281 N43 58 104

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Chronological History

1867 - May 27 Launched. 1868 - 175 gross tons. 1874 - Jun 12 Foundered 2 miles north of Port Colborne, struck timber float. 1878 - Same owner; remeasured 197.14 gross / 175.49 net tons; C83285. 1893 - Oct 14 Ashore Lake Ontario in the big storm of 1893. 1903 - May 1 Owned Murrey Akerman, Picton, ONT. 1904 - Nov 20 Wrecked, Lake Ontario

The Annie Falconer #

The two-masted schooner Annie Falconer was built in Kingston in 1867 by Foster Jenkins and Company, for Capt. W.R. Taylor and registered in the same port. Miss Annie Falconer launched her on Wednesday, May 22nd, at the Kingston Shipyard. Her father was a local sailmaker and shipowner and probably supplied the sails and rigging.Capt. W.R. Taylor and Thomas F. Taylor were listed as her first owners, the latter being her first master. She departed from Kingston on her maiden voyage on May 17th, destination Toronto. Her cargo was 25 toise stone. During her lifetime she carried a wide range of cargoes: stone, lumber, shingles, staves, salt, ice, wheat and barley, corn, coal, and chemical ore.A trip was more productive if a cargo could be arranged for both directions. The Falconer frequently carried grain or lumber products to American ports and returned with coal to Canadian cities. Like most vessels of the period, the Annie Falconer occasionally got into trouble.On June 14, 1874, she struck a rock and sank in the Welland Canal with 410 tons of coal. She was raised again about a week later. In October 1887 she was caught in a storm after leaving Oswego for Toronto. The hurricane-force winds caused the loss of another vessel but the Falconer sustained only damage to her mainsail rigging.In October 1893 she was caught in a storm after leaving Kingston for Oswego. She dragged ashore in Weller’s Bay breaking her foregaff. There was only 1 ½ foot at her bow and her stern was up on the shore. She was left there high and dry all winter and dragged off in the spring when the water level was higher. She was loading timber three days later for Oswego so apparently, there was little damage.On Saturday, November 12, 1904, she left Big Sodus at 9 o’clock loaded with coal for Picton. The wind started picking up and when ten miles off False Duck Island the vessel started to leak. The captain tried to beach it on Timber Island but at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, she went down. The crew escaped in the yawl boat and were blown to the shore of Amherst Island where they landed at 7:30 in the evening. Shell Sullivan, the mate, got separated from the rest and died from exposure. The others made their way to a farmhouse and survived


In August 1975 it was located by Barbara Carson, Audrey Rushbrook, and Doug Pettingill. In 1982 a major survey was conducted on the wreck.

Buffalo Evening News Monday, October 16, 1893 p.5, c.8 #

ASHORE ALL ALONG THE LAKES. A List Of Vessels Known To Have Suffered In Saturday's Gale. Chicago, Oct. 16. - The severity of the northwest gale that has swept the Great Lakes for the past 48 hours has not been exceeded during the season of navigation for the past 10 years. The list of wrecks, in proportion to the number of vessels which were out in the gale, is larger, perhaps, than in the history of the latter-day marine. That there has been a large loss of life now seems certain, but it may be several days before it is known just how many sailors perished.

Following is the list of wrecks thus far reported: Yacht ENTERPRISE ashore Lion's Head, Lion's Bay; steamer C.F. CURTIS, schooners ISABEL REID and NELSON HOLLAND, barges SWEEPSTAKE and KNIGHT TEMPLAR ashore, Cheboygan, Mich.; tug ACME foundered Lake Huron; schooner VOLUNTEER stranded Port Austin, Ont.; schooner FALCONER ashore, Lake Ontario; unknown schooner ashore near Manistee; schooner JOHN T. MOTT, sunk Fairport, O.; schooner AMBOY, ashore Buffalo; schooner MONT BLANC, waterlogged, Buffalo; steamer SCHUYLKILL, stranded Bar Point; steamer MARITANA, stranded Elliott Point; schooner IRONTON ashore Bay MIlls, Lake Superior.

Dispatches from all points along the west shore of Lake Huron and the eastern end of Lake Superior indicate that the storm increased greatly in violence as night came on and at midnight the storm was at its height, but most of the lake fleet had succeeded in reaching shelter.

Marine Record January 11, 1894 #

Schr. ANNIE FALCONER, of 201 tons. Valued at $4,200. Total loss 1893 Vessel losses in 1893

List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on December 31, 1898 #

Schooner ANNIE FALCONER. Official Canada No. 83285. Of 175 tons reg, Built Kingston, Ont., 1867. Home poHomeportton, Ont. 108.0 x 24.3 x 9.0 Owned by T.F. Taylor, Kingston, Ont.

Buffalo Evening News November 14, 1904 #

SCHOONER WENT DOWN. THE ANNIE FALCONER OF PICTON IS LOST AND HER MATE IS DEAD FROM EXPOSURE. Picton, Ont., Nov. 14. -- The schooner ANNIE FALCONER, owned and sailed by Capt. Murney Acker of Picton, went down in the gale of Saturday night, between the false Duck Islands and Timber Island. The FALCONER was on her way from Sodus Point, N.Y., to Picton with a load of soft coal for A.W. Hepburn, Picton.

The crew took to the boats, and after an hour's suffering and hardship reached the shore at Emerald on Amherst Island, 20 miles from the scene of the wreck. James Sullivan, the mate, after reaching land, wandered away, and when found by his mates had perished from cold and exposure. His body was brought here this morning for burial. The crew all belonged to Picton.

Cobourg register Transferred from Kingston register 2 of 1882 #

Register Number: I of 1900 Official Canada Number: 83285 Name: ANNIE FALCONER Description: Sailing Tons: 175.49 Reg.. 197.14 Gross When Built: 1867 Where Built: Kingston Ont. Masters Name: Daniel Rooney Jnr. Builders Name: Foster, Jenkins & Co. of Kingston Ont. Description of vessel: Length: 108 feet Breadth: 24 feet & 3/lOths. Depth of hold: 9 feet Masts: Two Stern: Square How Rigged: Schooner How Built: Carvel, of wood Figure-head: None Decks: One crew space cabin aft Subscribing owners: George Plunkett, Hotelkeeper of Cobourg, sold to Murrey Akerman of Picton dated Feb. 13, 1903 NOTATIONS INFORMATION RECEIVED FROM MURREY ACKERMAN, MASTER AND OWNER OF THE SAILING SHIP " ANNIE FALCONER " THAT THE SAID VESSEL FOUNDERED ON THE 12 DAY OF NOVEMBER 1904 ABOUT ONE & ONE-HALF MILES NORTH OF THE FALSE DUCK ISLAND LIGHT H0USE, LAKE ONTARIO..VESSEL & CARGO TOTAL LOSS -- register closed Nov. 20, 1904

Buffalo Evening News April 6, 1903 1867 #

The two masted schooner ANNIE FAULKER, [sic] from Picton to Oswego, was nearly wrecked off Charlotte yesterday. The heavy gale that blew over the lake made the boat unmanageable and she was blown, disabled, into Charlotte harbor.

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