Type of Wreck: Scow schooner
Dimensions: 112ft x 25ft x 9ft 208 GT 108 NT
Location of Wreck: Charity Shoal
Place and Builder: J.Cruthers and Funn, Kingston ON

LAUNCH – A new schooner called the ANNANDALE was launched at Kingston last week. #

Chicago Tribune Tuesday, August 18, 1868 Schooner ANNADALE. Official Canada No. 72572. Of 180 tons reg. Built Kingston, Ont, 1868, rebuilt Port Dalhousie, Ont., 1879. Homeport, Kingston, Ont. 111.8 x 24.9 x 9.1 Owned by George Irving, of Burlington, Ont. List of Vessels on the Registry Books of the Dominion of Canada on December 31, 190

Build Year 1868 Official Number C72572 OR C72525
Construction Build City Kingston Build State ONT
Vessel Type Schooner Number of Decks 1 Hull Materials Wood
Builder Name George Thurston Master Carpenter John Carruthers
Ownership Original Owner John Carruthers
Original Owner Location Kingston
Power (Sail) Sail Number Masts 2
Dimensions Length 110 Beam 24.9 Depth 9.1 Tonnage Gross 217 Tonnage Net 204 Final Disposition Final Location Charity Shoal near Sackett’s Harbor, NY. Lake Ontario.
Final Date Month 3 Final Date Day 10 Final Date Year 1905
Final How Stranded.
Final Notes Stranded in fog, later broken up by a storm.
History and Notes History
This vessel sold USA & rebought Canadian 1874.
1871-73- Owned Caruthers & Co., Kingston, ONT.
1871 – Feb 2 Owned Peter Mowat et al; Ernestown, ONT.
1878 – Owned P. Mowat; Ernestown; registered Kingston; 110 x 24 x 9.1; 181 net tons. 1879 – Same owners; rebuilt.
1889 – Nov 27 Ashore & wrecked in a storm at Port Credit.
1889 – Rebuilt.
1905 – Oct 3 Stranded & wrecked.

British Whig (Kingston, ON), 15 Dec 1900 #

The Annandale Sold – Capt. Frank McMaster has disposed of the schooner Annandale to Captain William Irving, Burlington. The Annandale is one of the finest schooners on the lakes, being classed A 2 1/2. Capt. McMaster has always made it a point to keep the schooner in first-class condition, and the result may be seen in the vessel to-day. She carries a cargo of 400 tons. It is probable the Annandale will be continued on the same route on which she plied during the time she was owned by Capt. McMaster. The captain is undecided whether he will purchase another vessel or not. [Deseronto Tribune]

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