Chronologocal History

  • 1887 Towed by J.W. WESCOTT, SPOKANE & SITKA.
  • 1888 Owned Charles Hebard & Son; home port Pequaming, MI; towed by CHARLES HEBARD & J.H. SHRIGLEY in Lake Superior lumber trade through 1900.
  • 1901 Owned Luther P. Graves; home port Buffalo, NY; repairs.
  • 1906 Repairs.
  • 1908 Owned Holland & Graves, Buffalo.
  • 1911 Owned Graves & Bigwood, Buffalo.
  • 1913 May have been owned Canadian; sank in Lake Erie storm.

Dunkirk, Oct. 14 – The coal barge ANNABELLE WILSON which foundered off this port last July, when Capt. Barney McIntyre and his wife lost their lives, is to be abandoned by the owner, Thomas Lannon. Dredges from Buffalo attempted to recover the cargo of the vessel last week, but so much of the coal had been washed away that not enough was left in the vessel to warrant the dredges continuing the work. It is expected that the governement will remove the boat in the spring because it is a menace to navigation. 
      Buffalo Evening News 
      October 14, 1913 8-3 

Though the Canadian coal barge ANNA BELLE WILSON foundered just outside of the Dunkirk harbor more than a month ago, as yet the old boat is still resting in the same place she sank, with both masts sticking up out of the water, a menace to navigation. Though lanterns are kept lighted on the masts, it would be nothing improbable for these to be blown out or torn loose in a gale and then there would be nothing to warn vessels seeking the harbor for shelter. 
It was understood 2 or 3 weeks ago that Thomas Lannan of Port Colborne, owner of the sunken barge had contracted with a Buffalo company for the raising of the vessel and word reached here at that time theat work would be started in a few days on the raising of the sunken barge. Since then nothing more has been heard of the matter. 
      Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      August 22, 1913 7-3 

Dunkirk, Aug. 22 – Negotiations are going on between owner Thomas Lannon of the ill-fated coal barge ANNA BELLE WILSON, which went down off Dunkirk channel a month ago and drowned Capt. McIntyre and wife, and officers of a big dredging company, for work of rescuing the boat. Equipment will be sent for the recovery of the 1,000 tons of coal on board, after which the vessel will be raised. 
      Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      August 22, 1913 8-6 

Work will be started this week raising the ANNA BELLE WILSON, the Canadian coal barge which sank outside of Dunkirk harbor early in the summer. The Reid Wrecking Co. was given the contract by Thomas Lannan of Port Colborne, owner of the sunken vessel. Now that the wrecking company has completed the raising of the sunken vessel at Windmill Pt., its outfit will be transferred to Dunkirk. The ANNA BELLE WILSON is valued at $8,000 and had a cargo of 1,000 tons of coal valued at $3,000. 
      Buffalo Commercial Advertiser 
      September 24, 1913 7-3 

      Schooner ANNABEL WILSON. U. S. No. 106475. Of 490.63 tons gross; 467.27 tons net. Built Mount Clemens, Mich., 1887. Home port, Marquette, Mich. 174.0 x 32.2 x 12.0 
      Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1897 

Other names : sometimes seen as ANNABELLE WILSON 
Official no. : 106475 
Type at loss : schooner-barge, wood, 2-mast 
Build info : 1887, W. Dulac, Mt. Clemens, MI 
Specs : 174x32x12, 491g 467n 
Date of loss : 1913, Jul 12 
Place of loss : off Dunkirk, NY 
Lake : Erie 
Type of loss : (storm) 
Loss of life : 2 
Carrying : coal 
Detail : She became waterlogged and sank.

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