Drawing from the Rockport Dive Centre based on Don Martins’s Sketch
  • Drill Barge
  • 75ffw 21m
  • 92ft Length
  • Singer Castle NY, St. Lawrence River
  • N 44 27.100  W 75 48.600

Sunk: June 20, 1932

An onboard explosion sank America as it was dynamiting shoals to provide safer passage to ships in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Sunk: July 29 1932 

Depth: 70 feet

Ability: Advanced

The American is a 297 ton steam screw drill
barge that sank on July 29, 1932. She sits upside down at 70′ depth off of Dark Island in the shipping channel. She is accessed off the side of the shoal (35′ depth) by dropping over the edge and following a bearing towards the castle, you should see the support legs extend over her profile. The bow is upstream (50′ depth) and by descending to the deck (65′ depth) you can see across and under her (cluttered with equipment and winches). At the stern you will see twin props, rudder (surprisingly small), and the four large support legs (used while she was drilling) as well as the blasted rock on the bottom between her and the shoal. The props are at 50′ to 55′ depth and the bottom is at 72′ rock/silt/sand. 

Exit from the wreck should be made along the access rope to the buoy, keeping note of oncoming shipping traffic. This site is not recommended for biginning divers due to it being in the downstream lane of the main shipping channel. The current is approximately 1-2 knots; however it can vary due to changing river conditions. 

Remember it is illegal to tie up to buoys being in the shipping channel.

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