Dimensions: 103ft x 23ft x 7ft  
Type of Wreck: Barge
Location of Wreck: Sparrowhawk Point, Loran 4427.11/7549.19
Place and Builder: John Davenna, Kingston    
Year Built: 1887

Toronto Globe Wednesday, October 14, 1885 #

TWO BARGES SINK Kingston, Oct. 13.
Last evening the tug TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Sullivan left Portsmouth with the barges BEAUPORT and ADVENTURE for Montreal. The BEAUFORT carried 400,000 feats of deals consigned to Ross & Co., Quebec. The ADVENTURE had 75,000 bushels of wheat consigned to Oglivie & Co. Montreal and a deck load of stone owned by T. Rudd of this city.
At Brockville the barge DACOTA with coal was taken in tow, at 9:30 o’clock Cardinal was reached and there a serious accident occurred. It is thought that the tow lines must have broken, as the barge BEAUFORT swung upon a beach and now lies in the Gallop Rapids. The ADVENTURE met with more serious damage and lies in the river near Sparrowhawk Point in 20 feet of water, her masts only being visible.
It is not known whether the captain and crew of the ADVENTURE are safe. It is doubtful, however, as the craft sank quickly.

The captain was named Pregent and he belongs to Valleyfield, his wife was cook on the barge and they had one child. The crew was made up of three Frenchmen, names unknown. Captain Edmond, with a crew of four, a cook and three children, handled the BEAUFORT, they are safe.
The ADVENTURE was repaired last year at a cost of $2,500. She was formerly owned by Mr. Devans and is valued at $6,000.

Toronto Globe Thursday, October 15, 1885 #

Kingston, Oct. 14. – The crew of the ADVENTURE, wrecked down the river on Monday, is safe, having boarded the BEAUFORT before their own craft sank. The DAKOTA was the first in the tow, and the BEAUFORT struck a rock breaking the tow line, when she and the ADVENTURE went adrift with the results already announced

Toronto Globe Friday, October 16, 1885 #

The barge BEAUFORT was safely taken off the rocks in the GALLOPS yesterday and sent on to Montreal. Her damage is light. The barge ADVENTURE struck a rock in the pitch of the Gallops knocking off her rudder and put a hole in her stern, she broke away from her tow and went down the Rapids alone. The pumps were manned, but the water entered rapidly. The crew took the Captain’s wife and child ashore in the yawl. The captain remained on board hoping to ground the barge. He was endeavoring to give the DAKOTA a line when his foot caught in it; he received a jerk and was thrown into the water.
The barge glided away from him and he was carried with the flowing current, he kept himself afloat and went down the river a mile and a half, the crew of the DAKOTA picked him up in the very exhausted state.
He could hardly speak and said that several times he nearly gave up. In clinging to the barge Captain Pregent displayed great bravery. The ADVENTURE is lying in 45 feet of water.

Toronto Globe Saturday, October 17, 1885 #

M. J. Calvin, Marine Inspector of the Continental Insurance Co., of New York, is to leave this afternoon for Cardinal, to locate the place where the barge ADVENTURE is. The grain in the vessel is insured in the company he represents.

Toronto Globe Wednesday, November 4, 1885 #

Kingston, Nov. 3. – The barge ADVENTURE, sunk in the Gallops Rapids will not be disturbed this year.

Total Losses on the Lakes, 1885 Cleveland Leader December 7, 1885 #

Schooner ADVENTURE, of Montreal, with a cargo of wheat, October 11, 1885, sunk in the St. Lawrence River, and became a total loss. Value of loss $7,000.

Department of Marine and Fisheries Statement of Wreck & Casualty, 1885 #

Barge ADVENTURE, of Kingston, 129 registered tons. Bound from Kingston to Montreal she struck a rock in the Gallops Rapids, St. Lawrence River, and sunk October 13, 1885. A total loss with a value of $6,000 on the hull and $7,420 on the cargo.

Kingston Port Number : 276 #

Description : Steam/Barge
Tonnage : 156 tons
When built : 1873
Where built : Dog Lake, Township of Storrington
Present master : John Devana
Builder’s name & date of Certificate: George Dickson, July 24, 1873 Description of vessel :
Length . . . . 102 feet & 8/10 ths. Breadth . . . . 23 feet & 3/10 ths.
Depth of hold . . 6 feet & 9/10 ths.
Masts . . . . . None Stern . . . . . Round Bowsprit . . . . None
Figure-head None Decks . . . . . One How built . . . Carvel
Engine-room 29 feet & 9/10ths. and 48 tons.
Subscribing owner: – John Devana, sole owner.
NOTE – In the deed, it is stated that the vessel was built by Joseph Keeler, screw propeller built at Cranberry Lake, the township of Storrington. Re-measured June 1877 as follows:-
Gross tonnage . . . . 160.19 Deductions . . . . . 57.13
Registered tonnage. 103.06
James O’Brien became master on May 20, 1874.

Preliminary List of Canadian Steamships, 1809 to 1930 #

ADVENTURE, Steam barge built Dog Lake, Ont. 1873. Official Canadian Number 88575. Rebuilt as a barge 1884, wrecked St. Lawrence River, Oct. 1885. 160 tons and 103 x 23 x 7.

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