The Adventure sits on a sand and rock bottom only 100 feet from shore.  You’ll see some machinery, her drive shaft, and hull structure perpendicular to the shore straight out from the two large round boulders half way up the eastern peninsula
  • Sand Dredge
  • 10ffw 3m
  • 108ft Length
  • Kelley’s Island, Lake Erie
  • 41 37.085   82 40.867

Chronological History #

  • 1877, Apr Overhauled & painted at Oade’s Shipyard, Detroit, MI
  • 1878, Apr 2 Owned Edward Cunningham & F.P. Wallace, Detroit, MI.
  • 1891, Feb 14 Owned H.C. Case & J.F. Padley, Sheffield, OH.
  • 1895, Apr 11 Owned J.H. Padley of Sheffeild, OH & J.M. Robinson, Lorain, OH.
  • 1896, Feb 4 Owned J.M. Robinson, Lorain, OH.
  • 1897, Apr 20 Owned J. M. Robinson, Lorain & Frederick Groch, Sandusky, OH; rebuilt Sandusky, OH as screw steambarge; 108 x 24 x 8.3, 141.72 gross tons & 95.37 net; 16 x 18″ hp engine from Phoenix Iron Works, Port Huron; 5 1/2 x 12′ firebox boiler.
  • 1897, May 26 Owned A.C. Moss, Sandusky, OH, J.M. Robinson, Lorain, OH, & Frederick Groch, Sandusky, OH.
  • 1898, Jun 8 Owned Frederick Groch, Sandusky, OH.
  • 1901, May 31 Owned Charles Beyschlag, Joseph Lowes & John Beyschlag, St. Clair, MI.
  • 1903, Oct 12 Port Huron, documents surrendered.

Selection of News Articles for more #

Sandusky Register 
      Thursday, October 8, 1903  #

      Took Fire While Laying At Dock – crew 
      The steamer ADVENTURE loaded with lime, took fire at Kelly’s Island at four o’clock on Wednesday afternoon while lying at the north dock and burned to the water’s edge, both vessel and cargo were a total loss; no insurance. 
      The tug SMITH towed the burning vessel into the lake, thus saving the schooner ANDERSON from burning also. Capt. John Howe was in command of the ADVENTURE and had his wife and little daughter on board, but they, like the rest of the crew were saved. 
      It is not known how the fire originated, it was first discovered in the hold, just forward of the boiler, and spread so rapidly that the sailors were just glad to escape with their lives. The burned steamer was in this port a day or two ago and discharged a cargo of salt at the Bay Food docks, the vessel was previously owned in Sandusky. 
      The burned steamer was 105 feet long, 24 feet wide, and 8 feet deep and was built in 1875.

Port Huron Daily Times 
      Thursday, October 8, 1903  #

The steamer ADVENTURE caught fire while lying at the dock at Kelley’s Island on Wednesday afternoon with her cargo of lime and was totally destroyed. The fire originated near the boiler. When it was seen that the steamer could not be saved, she was taken in tow by the tug SMITH and pulled away from the dock in order to save the schooner ANDERSON which was lying dangerously near the burning craft. The ADVENTURE was owned by Bayschlag, Schlinkert, and Lowes of St. Clair. 

Merchant Vessels List of 
      the United States, 1885 #

ADVENTURE Schr. U.S. Number 105567. Built Detroit, Mich., 1875. Home port, Detroit, Mich. 104 x 24 x 8 148.97 tons gross. 141.53 tons net. 
Note – The schooner was changed into a propeller in 1896  

Merchant Vessels List of 
      the United States, 1903  #

ADVENTURE Steam screw. U. S. Number 105567. Built Detroit 1875. Home port, Port Huron, Mich. 141 tons gross. 95 tons net. 108 x 24 x 8.3 

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