W.H. MYER 1922

  • Tug Boat
  • 70ffw 24m
  • 90ft Length
  • Lake Erie
  •  41 38.244     81 54.197

Steam screw W.H. MYER.* U. S. No. 222239. Of 130 gross tons. Built 1922 Manitowoc, Wis., 93.3 x 22.1 x 11.7 
      * Renamed ADMIRAL – U. S. – [Foundered 1942 near Cleveland] 
      Herman Runge List 

Located in 1969 by diver George Walton, the Admiral sits upright in 75 feet of water.  While many artifacts, including the bell and all pilothouse equipment, have been removed, the vessel is essentially intact.  The crew quarters and galley are silted in.  The pilothouse and engine room may be penetrated with caution.  The stack lies against the port side gunnel amidships.  At one time the name was clearly legible on the bow, however, zebra mussels now cover the bow and obscure the name.  Over the years, the Admiral has continued to sink.  When first discovered her stern was well above the bottom of the lake.  Today, the stern is almost entirely silted over. 
Early divers found evidence of the towline being fouled in the prop.  The position of the wreck indicates she went down sternly heavy.  The most likely scenario is a combination of the ice accumulating on the stern and the fouled towline causing the tug to sink as a wave overtook her.

Complete History located and provided by MAST

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