Site Description #

  • Tug
  • 225ffw 40m
  • 125ft Lengths
  • Black River MI, Lake Huron

Chronological History #

  • 1874, Sep 23 Enrolled at Detroit, MI, to run Petoskey & Mackinac, with accommodations for 75 first-class passengers.
  • 1875 Owned Mitchell & Boutell, Bay City, MI, to tow on rivers.
  • 1866, Feb 23 Owned William Mitchell, Bay City, 320.46 gross & 234.06 net tons
  • 1887, Apr 30 Owned W.G. Van Auken et al, Saginaw, MI.
  • 1888, May 11 Owned James Reid, St Ignace, MI.
  • 1889, Apr 12 Owned R.A. Loveland, East Saginaw; towed barge WAHNIPITOE in Duluth & Tonawanda lumber trade.
  • 1892, Mar Rebuilt Bay City, MI; re-engined.
  • 1892, Jul 22 Owned Michigan Log Towing Company, Saginaw; renamed ACME.
  • 1893, Oct 14 Foundered, Lake Huron.

ACME David Swayze Shipwreck File #

  • Other names   :  built as MUSIC, renamed in 1892
  • Official no.     :  90671
  • Type at loss    :  propeller, wood, large tug & freighter
  • Build info       :  1874, Cameron, New Jerusalem, OH
  • Specs              :  124x24x12, 320g 234n
  • Date of loss    :  1893, Oct 14
  • Place of loss   :  25 mi from Black River, MI
  • Lake                : Huron
  • Type of loss    :  foundered
  • Loss of life      :  none
  • Carrying         :  raft
  • Detail              : She was towing a large log raft from French River, Ontario, in company with the tug RELIANCE, and was running for shelter at Thunder Bay when she foundered. RELIANCE took the crew off the sinking vessel in a very risky  rescue. She lies in about 225 feet of water. Owned out of Bay City by Michigan Log Towing, she was once a Reid Wrecking tug. Master: Capt. Dore Elliott, W. Bay City.
  • Major repairs in 1881

Selection of Historical Articles – more #

Port Huron Daily Times Monday, October 16, 1893   #

      The MINNEHAHA loaded with corn went ashore on Saturday afternoon near Manistee. 6 killed, one saved. A few minutes after striking the bar the vessel broke in two and within half an hour nothing but the bow was left. There were no life-preservers on board. 
The barge J.D. SAWYER was cut adrift by the B.W. ARNOLD near the Beavers in the saturday evening terrific gale. She is presumed lost.

Buffalo Evening News Saturday, November 11, 1893 p.1, c.7  #

Eighteen were lost as the steamer DEAN RICHMOND goes down off Dunkirk, N.Y. She was chartered to the Toledo, St. Louis & Kansas City Line. 
The barge HECLA is ashore at Wellington, Ontario. 
The Barge J.C. MARTIN is ashore at Racine. 
The tug ACME foundered on Lake Huron near Black River. None lost. 
The schooners MORTON and CASTALIA are ashore near Sault Ste. Marie. 
The steamer E.P. CURTIS and tow, ISABEL REED, T.S. FASSET, and NELSON HOLLAND are ashore near Cheboygan. 
The schooner CRAWFORD is ashore on Bois Blanc Island, Straits of Mackinac. 
The schooner YUKON is ashore at Waiski Bay. 
The barges KNIGHT TEMPLAR and SWEEPSTAKES, consorts of the steamer SALINE, are ashore between Cheboygan and Duncan.  

      A remarkable circumstance was brought to the notice of the Custom House today. It was the finding of the vessel book of the tug ACME, which foundered on Lake Huron, Saturday, October 14. 
      After a month the book came to the surface and was found floating in the waters of Black Rock harbor today. It contains the receipts and disbursements, towing accounts, and shipping articles of the ACME. The last entry was made on Oct. 8. According to the book, Dorin Elliott was captain. 
      The book was in good condition, except that it was wet and out of shape. It must have traveled down the lakes. R.H. Roys of Saginaw, Mich., the owner, has been notified. 

Vessel losses in 1893  Marine Review December 14, 1893  #

      Tug ACME foundered off Black River, October 13, 1893. valued at $22,000. owned by Michigan Log & Towing Co. Bay City. 

Merchant Vessel List, U.S., 1892  #

U.S. No. 90671. Of 320.46 tons gross; 234.06 tons net. Built at New Jerusalem, Ohio in 1874. Home port, Port Huron, Mich. 124.0 x 24.5 x 12.0 and 200 nominal horsepower. 
      * Formerly steamer MUSIC. 
Steam screw MUSIC.* U. S. No. 90671. Of 320 tons gross. Built New Jerusalem, O. 1874. 124.0 24.5 x 12.0 
      * renamed ACME – U. S. – 1891 

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