Site Description #

At Dock Maine City
  • Steam Barge
  • 20ffw 6m
  • 126ft Length
  • Godrich Boneyard
  • Lake Huron

Chronological Histroy #

  • 1874 Owned by James Leitch et al, Marine City.
  • 1874 September Ashore and lightered, Port Colborne, ON Lake Erie.
  • 1875 Upper works burned Marine City.
  • 1883 October Aground Spectacle Reef, MI, Lake Huron.
  • 1885 August 9 Coal laden, in collision on St. Clair River; repaired.
  • 1888 Owned Robert Leitch et al.
  • 1889 Sunk in collision with propeller CUBA, near Marine City, refloated.
  • 1899 Owned Sarah Leitch et al.
  • 1898, Oct 27 Disabled on Lake Michigan, towed to Grand Haven, MI.
  • 1899, May 17 Owned Henry Pauly.
  • 1890 February 24 Received steel arches at Port Huron, MI.
  • 1903 Owned W.J. Willoughby of Cleveland.
  • 1904 September 5 Burned at dock, Goderich, ON Lake Huron.
  • 1904/1905 Hulk sold to Canada.
  • 1905 Moved to Boneyard Goderich ON

Online Dbase Record Results #

  ABERCORN David Swayze Shipwreck File #

  • Other names   :  none
  • Official no.     :  105361
  • Type at loss    :  propeller, wood, bulk freight “rabbit”
  • Build info       :  1873, Morley & Hill,  Marine City, MI
  • Specs              :  126x26x11    261g  191n
  • Date of loss    :  1904, Sep 5
  • Place of loss   :  At Goderich, Ont.
  • Lake                : Huron
  • Type of loss    :  fire
  • Loss of life     :  none
  • Carrying         :  coal
  • Detail              : Burned at a dock while unloading. She reportedly caught fire from the explosion of signal lamp. Her remains were abandoned in place, but one source states that the hulk was sold Canadian in 1905. Owned by her master and her engineer Capt..W. Willoughby and Richard Baxter  of Cleveland, who had staked their all on her the previous year.

ABERCORN (1874, Steambarge) Patrick C Labadie Collection #

  • IDENTIFICATION Year of Build: 1874 Official Number:105361
  • Vessel Type: Steambarge Hull Materials: Wood Number of Decks:1
  • Builder Name: John J. Hill Original Owner and Location: Leitch et al., Marine City, MI
  • POWER Number of Masts: 2 Propulsion: Screw Engine Type:High Pressure (including HPNC)
    # Cylinders: 1
    # Boilers:1
    # Propellers:1 Propulsion
  • Notes:22 cyl. 32″ stroke 300 hp engine from Dry Dock Engine Works, Detroit. 1 Firebox 7’X 14″DIMENSIONSLength:126.1’Beam:26.1’Depth:11’Tonnage (gross):260Tonnage (net):190
    Final Location: Goderich, ON, Lake Huron.Date:5 Sep 1904 How: Burned at the dock.
    Notes: Caught fire in an explosion of a signal lamp. The remains were abandoned, and the hulk was sold to Canada in 1905.

Collection of Historical Articles more #

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI), Sep. 6, 1904 #

Goderich, Ont., September 5. – The steamer Abercorn, which was lying at the dock here unloading a cargo of coal, was burned early today. The fire was caused by the explosion of a signal lamp. The burnt boat was owned by Capt. Willoughby and Capt. Baxter, and was insured for $4,000. The Abercorn was an old-timer and for many years had been engaged in carrying lumber and coal between Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

Buffalo Commercial Advertiser October 5, 1875 3-5  #

The stmr. ABERCORN, while at the wood dock at Marine City Friday night taking on fuel, caught fire in her upper works and her entire cabin was burned off. The machinery was uninjured, and the damage done will not exceed $1,000.

Toronto Daily Globe Thursday, October 7, 1875  #

NAVIGATION DISASTERS. — The steam-barge ABERCORN, while at the wood dock at Marine City, late last Saturday night, taking on fuel, caught fire in her upper works, and before the flames could be extinguished her entire cabin was burnt off. The flames were supposed to have originated from one of her lanterns. No damage was done to her machinery, and the loss will not exceed $1,000.

Merchant Vessel List, U. S., 1885   #

Steam screw ABERCORN. U. S. No. 105361. Of 260.79 tons gross; 190.83 tons net. Built Marine City, Mich., 1884 ? Home port, Marine City, Mich. 126.1 x 26.1 x 11.0 
    NOTE:- The Merchant Vessel List for 1884 and 1885 are in error as to the date of build for ABERCORN, which was 1874 and not 1884. 

  • Pick up after yourselves and others if need be
  • Take only pictures, memories, and trash off the bottom
  • Many shore dive sites are busiest on weekends so plan ahead
  • Remember you’re the ambassador for the sport when approached by onlookers and locals. Paying attention and being polite can lead to other opportunities and locations.
  • Have fun and lots of it after all that’s why you are there just like underwater beware of others around you for both positive and negative experiences
  • If you’re the guy with the camera, video, or go pro, take a minute to show those outside your group what’s underneath.

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