Site Orientation #

Don Martin Sketch
  • Schooner
  • 100 – 150ffw
  • 136ft lengths
  • Rock Island, NY, St. Lawrence River
  • N44 16 8210 W76 01 1830

Chronological History #

1861 – Duncan M. Callum Oswego,  NY  U.S. 
1861- 1867 U.S. 13330 J. S. Lyon Oswego,  NY  U.S. 
1867- 1873 U.S. 13330 J. Wm. Ball Cleveland,  OH  U.S. 
1873- 1875 U.S. 13330 J. Hanson Chicago,  IL  U.S. 1875-
1881 U.S. 13330 A. O. Hanson Chicago,  IL  U.S. Re-rigged to a three-masted schooner
1881- 1883 U.S. 13330 Frank T. Cole Chicago,  IL  U.S. 
1883- 1884 U.S. 13330 J. Y. Vickery Chicago,  IL  U.S. 
1884- 1889 U.S. 13330  Official #VICKERY, A. E. 
1884- 1889 U.S. 13330 
1889 – Sank Rock Island, NY, St. Lawrence River

Built: July, 1861
Sunk: August 16, 1889 

Depth: 65′ – 118′ 

Ability: Advanced 

The Vickery was a schooner originally launched as the J.B. Penfold in 1861 and renamed in 1884. She struck a shoal in August of 1889 and sank. The Pilot was nearly killed by angry Captain Massey who shouted profanities and pointed a revolver at him but the ships mate came to the rescue and pitched the revolver overboard at an opportune moment. This site has a strong surface current with the wreck starting at 65′.with the opportunity of penetrating the wreck if you are appropriately certified.

Historical Information #

Vessel Name: J. B. PENFIELD  Nationality U.S. Official Number13330 
RigSchooner Dimensions and Tonnage
Vessel Length: 136.00 feet. Gross Tonnage:291.84 
Vessel Width: 26.00 feet net Tonnage:0.00 
Vessel Depth:10.00 feet
Hull Material: Wood Masts:2 
Vessel History Builder Three Mile Bay, NY    
DispositionStruck a shoal near the Rock Island light house opposite the Thousand Island Park on August 15, 1889 and sank. She was carrying 21,000 bushels of corn from Chicago, IL, to Prescott, Ontario. There was no loss of life.

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