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  • Steamer
  • 45ffw 15m
  • 135ft Length
  • Huron OH, Lake Erie
  • 41 32.728 82 32.811

Chronological History #

  • 1868, Jul 16 Launched; ran Chicago – Ogdensburg; some say built by Lafrinier & Drake.135ft Lengt
  • 1868, Sep 19 Enrolled Cleveland.
  • 1871, Oct 24 Aground near pier, Port Colborne, ONT.
  • 1873 Ran Buffalo – Chicago, IL.
  • 1873, Sep 28 Collision with scow SEA BIRD off Milwaukee.
  • 1874 Ran Ogdensburg – Chicago.
  • 1874, May Grounded Feather Bed Shoal below Cape Vincent.
  • 1875, Nov Grounded Erie, PA.
  • 1876, Mar 10 Owned Philo Chamberlain, Cleveland, OH, Northern Transit Co.
  • 1877, Nov 10 Stuck on Forty Mile Pt., Lake Huron.
  • 1879 – 1880 Ran Chicago, IL – Ludington, MI.
  • 1879, Apr 22 Owned Northern Transit Co. of Grand Haven, MI.
  • 1881, Apr 5 Owned W. F. Botsford, et al, Port Huron, MI.
  • 1881, Oct 17 & Nov 26 Damaged by fire, Port Huron.
  • 1881 Rebuilt as steambarge at Wolverine Dry Dock, Port Huron, MI; 338 tons.
  • 1882 Ran Toledo, Cleveland & Tawas in lumber & salt trade.
  • 1885, Dec 5 Driven ashore at Sand Beach, MI.
  • 1888 Ran Port Huron – Ohio ports.
  • 1889 Reboilered, firebox boiler 10′ x 16′.
  • 1889, Oct 7 Owned Bottsford et al, Port Huron, MI.
  • 1891, Jun 15 Rebuilt one deck, one mast; 135.2 x 25.8 x 11′; 385.55 gross / 282.3 net tons.
  • 1892, Jul 27 Collision with tug CHICAGO, sinking her off Chicago.
  • 1893, Dec 2 Grounded at Maumee Bay, coal laden.
  • 1893, Dec 7 Burned & sank Toledo, OH; raised Dec 28.
  • 1895, Sep 26 Owned Nelson Mills et al, Marysville, MI; rebuilt with second mast.
  • 1900, Sep 29 Grounded Walpole Island, St. Clair River.
  • 1901, Apr Owned Port Huron Navigation Co., Nelson Mills, president.
  • 1906, May 23 Sunk at Cleveland, coal laden; raised Jun 15.
  • 1906, Sep 27 Foundered & sunk on Lake Erie.

Selection of News Articles for more #

      Four Members of Crew on Way to Mainland in Small Boat Drowned. 
      At 3 o’clock this morning Capt. Charles McEachen of the steamer CITY OF CONCORD reported to the ‘Register’ the loss of the Steamer CITY OF CONCORD off Pelee Island, about three miles East. 
The CONCORD with three barges, the MONTPELIER, DONALSON, and the NEUGARUNEE, the tow line was cut and they were left at the mercy of the storm which was raging, shortly before midnight. 
      Captain and 11 of his crew put out two small boats four men and the Captain, and the six other, survivors landed about 2 ½ miles from east of Cedar Point. 
      The mate and the Captain walked to Huron, the others were left on the shore, what happened to them was not known as of 3 o’clock this morning, the steamer & barges were carrying a load, of coal 
      Sandusky Daily Register 
      September 30, 1906 

      . . . . . 

      The crew of the CONCORD, after leaving the then sinking vessel started for the barge MONTPELIER. ” Go back, the boat is going down,” is the cry they claim they heard as they drew near. 
      This led to the belief that the MONTPELIER was probably lost, and the survivors in Sandusky, as well as Huron, were greatly concerned.  
An effort was made to find Capt. Duvall of the MONTPELIER in Sandusky Sunday, but it was unsuccessful. 
In spite of the many alarming reports in circulation Sunday night concerning the MONTPELIER as well as the DONALSON, Capt. Griesser of the Marblehead Lifesaving Crew was positive in his declaration that both barges were safe, at anchor in Lake Erie 
      Sandusky Register 
      September 30, 1906 

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