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Hesper, 1905 #

  • Bulk Freighter
  • 42ffw

A wooden-hulled, bulk-freighter steamship, the Hesper played a significant role in the Great Lakes iron ore industry and the grain trade. On May 3, 1905, the ship was caught in a late spring snowstorm, a phenomenon hardly unknown to Minnesotans. The 60-mile-an-hour northeaster drove the steamship well off its intended course and hurled the vessel onto a reef, which now marks the southwest edge of Silver Bay Harbor. After enduring a pounding for some time, the Hesper was lifted over the reef by a giant wave, only to founder and break up in 42 feet of water. The 15-man crew, along with Captain E.H. Heaton, were able to launch two lifeboats and pull away moments before the ship broke into pieces. The wreck has remained well preserved in the waters of Silver Bay Harbor.

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