6831 Avro built in UK Anson Mk. I 652A

13 August 1941 – Taken on strength at de Havilland of Canada in Toronto

Ex RAF AW478. To No. 1 Training Command on 18 October 1941. With No. 1 Air Observer School at Malton, Ontario when lost. Went missing on a flight from St. Jeans, PQ to Malton evening of 8 January 1942. Civilian pilot C. Rutherford and 3 students (LACs A.M. Morgan, RCAF, B.B. Sutton, RAAF, and J. Witts, RAAF) missing. An extensive search was carried out over the next week over southern Ontario and northern New York State, without results. Search abandoned on 20 January 1942. Some wreckage was recovered on the American side of Lake Ontario in April 1942, bodies were never found.

last date: 1 May 1942 – Written off

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