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Type of Wreck Steamer

Location of Wreck: Oswego, NY 27 Miles towards the Ducks Found in 2020,
Place and Builder:  Westport ON  John Paradis for T.J. & W.J. Waffle
Year Built: 1914

Lake Ontario between Oswego, New York & Main Duck Island Final How Foundered in storm

Final Notes All hands lost  Photo Gallery on Sonar Guy

The steamer went missing in heavy weather on Sept. 22, 1919, while bound from Fairhaven, NY to Kingston, Ontario. Some wreckage came ashore at Burt Point, near Oswego. Much of it was so thoroughly splintered that speculation was that she had exploded her boiler. The steamer Woton reported seeing a mess of wreckage off the Main Duck Island area. Winds were strong from the northeast that blew the wreckage south to Oswego. The cabin top was found on the beach near Oswego along with pillows and lifejackets with the steamer’s name on them.

101 years later on August 22, 2020, Tim Caza and Dennis Gerber found the T.J. Waffle twenty-seven miles off Oswego. Whether she exploded her boiler or it was tossed around like a rag doll in such a violent storm it’s hard to say. It does appear to have had a violent end by the looks of the wreck site. One woman and five men lost their lives that night. Captain Charles Beaupre, William Switzer, engineer Russel David, mate William Sweet and cook Mrs. William Sweet, wife of a mate. Other crew members names not known

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