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I had been out of the water for too long. 

It's hard to be motivated to dive when work, weather, light and time are working against you. Captain Steve sent me a text and wondered about a New Years day dive. I was reluctant when he sent the text as the temperature was -12c at my house. New Years Eve I checked the forecast and it looked like the temperature was going to cooperate (-2 to 0).

Got up, filled tanks and drove to Kingston to meet Steve. Don't know why diving seems to be a whole day event for such a small time in the water (left at 9:45 and back by about 4:00pm).

Entry was nice with the boats out as we could enter easy at the boat launch. The plan was to go out together on the scooters. Problem was vis was only about 5 feet due to all the rain that we had in December. 

Didn't see much and it was difficult to navigate the scooter with such low vis but I did get in the water. Steve had a flood on his suit as well so we cut the dive time short. 

Water temp was a balmy 37.9 degrees Celsius. 

I was in the water for about half an hour give or take.  

Max depth 22 feet

Happy New Year and Here is to great diving in 2019!