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Corey Phillips Founder

I had seen the post from Michael regarding the trip to the "deep" schooner a few weeks in advance. I had thought of going but was looking for a buddy to go with. Nice thing about the GUE training is that we can jump in the water with others trained in the system and everyone is on the same page.

We were supposed to load at 1pm but that was delayed until about 1:45 in that AGM was late with the first charter. With all gear loaded (the boat was comfortable with 8 divers gear we headed towards Point Traverse Once around the corner the lake was rougher. Initially we were wanting to hit the deeper two masted wreck but ended up deciding on the shallower one as Helen had already been to that one and we knew the coordinates would be bang on.

We came upon the coordinates, saw the wreck below (on the depth sounder) and threw the shotline. The line was off by about 150' an we had three on rebreather divers so they took a compass reading, decended the line and swam to the wreck.

There is a line on the wreck and it was shot to the surface. On the way down at about 100' we could see primary lights below. It was looking promising that we would have good vis. The lake has been wonkey this year for vis. We were not disappointed when we landed on her.  

We planned for a 25-30 minute bottom time with about 35 minutes of deco. I was wearing wetsuit gloves and was happy when someone else pulled out the thumb and we started to ascend. Here are a few pictures of the dive. Video will follow once edited.


Corey Phillips Founder

There was talk of the RH Rae a few weeks ago online. I promised I would search my video and publish if I found it.

The Rae was the site of the death of a Cousteau diver Remy Galliano on one of the visits to the Great Lakes in the 1980s Here is a link that you can follow to read a little about it (you may need to click next to see the actual text about the death.

Remy Galliano Death

Remy Galliano Death 2

Tom probably has more information about this that he might add. NTD used to have a link which I found on scubaboard but is now inactive.

Amazingly I had actually already edited the video. It is a little long (sorry). The vis that day was amazing but it was a near night dive so the only light we had were the 21-watt cannister lights we had on our belts.

Here is a writeup about the Rae from the Niagra Divers Association


There is a block on the wreck so it had been visited on a fairly regular basis in the past at some time. I wouldn't trust the line at this point but it will be on our list to update in the future so the mooring can be used.

Hope you enjoy the video.