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As much as I hate it the dive season in Ontario is on the 2nd half, it won't be long, time will go quickly and the water will get hard. Vacation is over as well so diving is more limited to once a week and a dive on the weekend.

I was hoping to get out on Saturday so I put some feelers out to see who was interested and then went searching to see who was running charters. Helen got back to me and said she wanted to search for some of the wrecks that she wasn't going to yet - this wasn't going to be a "charter" so I entheusiastically said yes. The dive boat now has working bottom finder along with GPS. GPS is nearly impossible to get yourself on the wreck the first time without being able to see what is there as well. This was looking up to get on a new to me wreck

Mike was able to go but Craig had plans already. Wapoos always means an early departure time from home. Went to pick up Mike and we were there shortly after 8:00am.

We had to plan the day with the probablity of the winds picking up. We decided to try the Fabiola first.

We found her pretty quickly, put the shotline in and proceded to decend down the line. Vis was maybe 6 feet so I put a 70' spool out trying to find the Fabiola. No luck. I went back to the boat and picked up my 400' reel. If we don't find it this time we aren't in the right area. I had to string about 150' of line but we arrived on the starboard stern side. Got some video which you will see below.

I wanted to do the Atlasco as well. It is a wire barge that is south of Ostrander point in PEC. We had two sets of coordinates - one set put us in 15 feet of water and the other set 75-80'. The Atlasco sits in 45' so on our way back we followed along the shore in approx 45' but didn't get any blips.

We did hit coordinates for the RH Rae. We saw here below on the fish finder and threw the shotline but the seas were building so we called off the dive on the Rae. We had a time to even get the shotline back. Sometimes you have to call a dive.

At that point we headed back to Wapoos and called it a day.

Sorry the vis is really bad on the video, not one of my best... It still amazes me that the camera captures better vis than it actually was. I did the whole video at 2x speed as well to show as much as possible. Hopefully nobody gets motion sickness.