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Corey Phillips Founder

Well we were able to get TT2007 back in the water last night together. Craig, Mike and I meet at the highway 37 car pool and headed to Kingston to dive with Kingston Dive Charters. The consensus on the boat was do a shallower dive and have more time on the wreck. The Marsh seemed to fit that bill. 

It has been a weird year for thermoclines and visibility. We knew that the thermocline would be close to the top of the wreck but hoped it wouldn't be below the deck. We were fortunate that it was a little (few feet) above the deck. Didn't make for spectacular video or pictures but I did get a few that you can make out what we dove.

Dive Time: 57 minutes

Max Depth: 81'

Temperature: Mid 40's

Thanks to Harold from Kingston Dive Charters for taking us out last night.

Corey Phillips Aug 21 '19 · Tags: marsh