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There was talk of the RH Rae a few weeks ago online. I promised I would search my video and publish if I found it.

The Rae was the site of the death of a Cousteau diver Remy Galliano on one of the visits to the Great Lakes in the 1980s Here is a link that you can follow to read a little about it (you may need to click next to see the actual text about the death.

Remy Galliano Death

Remy Galliano Death 2

Tom probably has more information about this that he might add. NTD used to have a link which I found on scubaboard but is now inactive.

Amazingly I had actually already edited the video. It is a little long (sorry). The vis that day was amazing but it was a near night dive so the only light we had were the 21-watt cannister lights we had on our belts.

Here is a writeup about the Rae from the Niagra Divers Association


There is a block on the wreck so it had been visited on a fairly regular basis in the past at some time. I wouldn't trust the line at this point but it will be on our list to update in the future so the mooring can be used.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Tom Founder
Hopefully, this may get closer to an answer to what the KPH is really called. The Marine Museum is working of an exhibit showcasing wrecks in the Great Lakes and is actively double-checking some facts. The wreck is one of the Gems in the rough. stripped dumped in a hole(Missed it by that much) :) but we found a belly dumper in the hole. This one is shallow for all levels and in the spring and late fall covered in wildlife.

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On 14 December 1902, JOHN E HALL (wooden propeller freighter, 139 foot, 343 gross tons, built in 1889, at Manitowoc, Wisconsin) was towing the barge JOHN R. NOYES (wooden schooner, 137 foot, 333 gross tons, built in 1872, at Algonac, Michigan) on Lake Ontario when they were caught in a blizzard-gale. After a day of struggling, the NOYES broke loose and drifted for two days before she went ashore and broke up near Lakeside, New York without loss of life. The HALL tried to run for shelter but swamped and sank off Main Duck Island with the loss of the entire crew of nine. 

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In 1918, the forward end of the former Pittsburgh steamer MANOLA sank during a gale on Lake Ontario. The after end received a new forward end and sailed for several years as the MAPLEDAWN. 

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On 2 December 1832, the wooden schooner CAROLINE was carrying dry goods worth more than $30,000 from Oswego to Ogdensburg, New York, in a violent storm. She capsized and sank off Ducks Island on Lake Ontario with the loss of one life. Five survived in the yawl and made it to the island in 6 hours. After much suffering from the cold and snow, they were rescued by the schooner HURON. 

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The worlds most complicated shipwreck, Cut in Bow Sank  in Lake Ontario. Rebuilt as the Maplecourt with the Sten Section sinking in Lake Huron and the rebuilt portions torpedeod in the Atlantic.

Detroit Publishing Co., Publisher. Str. Northwest. [Between 1900 and 1910] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <

1918: The bow section of the former passenger steamer NORTH WEST sank in Lake Ontario. The ship had been cut in two for a tow out of the Great Lakes. The stern was later rebuilt as b) MAPLECOURT.

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1936: A fire at Portsmouth, Ontario, just west of Kingston, destroyed several idle wooden steamers including the SIMON LANGELL andShotline's Wiki on the Palm Bay. Their remains were towed into Lake Ontario and scuttled in 1937. 

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